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As stated before, all of them are self-picked and I only have 1 piece per each

Booking ONLY VALID for 24hrs. To make reservation/booking more than 24 hrs, pls make deposit for rm10 (no refund - so please be serious when u want to make any order. Once you have made the order, I assume u already agreed with the stated terms & conditions)

Juga sila inform bilakah bayaran penuh akan dibuat utk setiap booking berdeposit tersebut.

Any payment which is not being done within 2 days after booking will be canceled without any notice. Mybargain2u shall open the offer to other potential buyers.

Lagipon, it is not fair to other customer yang sedang waiting list utk the same item tu...

Serious buyer only.... no backout please...

First come first serve and NO RESTOCK. so grab these beautiful cloth for your collection today! =)

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sweet & beautiful cloth, ready made baju kurung and jubah are now available to be grabbed!

So come and get 1 piece for your collection today!=)

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100% Homemade Kuih Raya ~ Jom Order!!

looking for homemeade kuih raya for coming aidilfitri???
nak pose lg a few daysss.. but the aidilfitri's cookies started to
hit all over fb, internet and twitter since
end of June aritu huhuhu...
but never mind... sume ada perancangan bisnes masing2...
As for us, the order period will
only be served for +- 3-4 weeks je...
we'll close the order during 1st week of Ramadhan nnt...
woried tak smpat plak nak knead,
mould and bake them nnt...

Atas permintaan beberapa rakan...
kami buka order utk kuih raya tahun lepas...
- Ferro Rocher 

Snow Almond
Strawberry Almond
ini pon antara yang diminati ramai sbb

choc wealthnya dan crunchy almond
yang bertaburan itu...
dan juga lambakan small diced almond in the
strawberry almond cookies tu huhuhu...
sgt la sedapnye!! =)

so jom!! ....lets have a look first for what we have here...
kuih raya untuk hari raya!!! hehehehe...
amacam?? sounds like a "little girl" round2
kampung dengan beskal jual kuih tak? mueheheh...
All of the cookies costs u for only
RM22 for 50 pcs
(actually between 50-55 pieces... sbb ada kuih yg
kecik2.... so we make it just nice sorted
in the plastic canister nnt)
those who live in JB boleh beli di Econsave Senai or
just liase with my SIL Zakiah Zakaria for more details...
so lets place ur order today!
but so sorry as we only entertain
self pickup je...(UMP Gambang)

no posting activities for these cookies...
kang dah belom sampai kat tuan,
those cookies pecah2 or not in an appropriate
complexion pulaks... dah nak kena beraya ngan kuih
tak santek plak...

hence... place ur order by email me at
and pls attach your details as below:
Nama kuih dan bilangan balang yang ingin ditempah:
No telefon :
so jom la order!!! =)